My Favorite Streamers

I’m very new to following streamers on YouTube. That said, I’ve checked a ton out and there are a few who are not only good, but they’re super entertaining and amazingly informative.

I didn’t like Warzone when it came out. I tried playing Quads, Trios & Duos with no success. I’d get frustrated at the lack of communication, the crazy amount of campers (I hate campers), and hackers (I hate hackers way more than campers), yeah, I was over it.

On the other hand, my girls love playing Solos because it’s not near as fast as HCTDM and it’s got vehicles.

So I started casually playing Solos taking turns with my girls, trying to teach them to look out for enemies and basically how to stay alive. I’m a run & gun player and had no patience. And at the end of the day, I sucked at Warzone. And frankly, I think I still suck at Warzone, especially when I compare myself to the incredible players I’m listing below.

Fast forward to me breaking my arm this past Jan ’21 (you can read about my arm-break on my about page).

While my arm was broken, obviously I couldn’t play Call of Duty. I had never watched people play video games before because I was too busy playing them myself. I was like: “Why would I watch someone slay when I could just slay on my own?”

And because I sucked at Warzone, I was like… I should watch tips on how to play Warzone better. And this curiosity is what lead me to this ever-growing list.

Dr. Disrespect & ZLANER

The very 1st streamers I ever watched were Dr. Disrespect & ZLaner.

Dr. Disrespect, dude… that guy is funny. He wears a wig, has a fake stache, is dressed up in a costume and is in character the entire time he streams. Then through him, I found ZLaner… that kid is a great player and has great commentary.

I watched quite a bit of Dr. Disrespect and ZLaner play… I really appreciate their communication and how they play the game together. If I ever find a teammate to run duos with, I’ll insist we watch DDR & Z together so we can learn from them.


The next person I stumbled upon was Expel. He’s one of my favorite streamers to watch because he’s pure entertainment. That kid is hysterical, has a ton of personality and he’s a stellar gamer. And his commentaries spectating other gamers are beyond funny. His videos are super well produced, which brings the entertainment factor up even more. If I just want to get my head right and be entertained, I’m watching some Expel.


Next, I found JGod… who is hands down the most knowledgeable person about every aspect of the tech details of the Warzone there is, next to the creators of course. He’s always got the latest updates on weapons and every detail about them. The kid is also a stellar player. Whenever there’s any sort of update, I go to his channel and listen to everything he says.


Next, I found NicMercs… “Smash the like button!” Oh man, this kid has funny intros and his game playing is crazy good. I learn a lot from him just by watching him slay people.


Next, I found IcemanIssac… This guy is a beyond stellar player, he’s super cold and calculated. He breaks down his own gameplay and I’ve learned more about how to get better at playing Warzone from his videos than anyone else. He, hands down, has the most tactical approach to Warzone of any streamer I’ve seen out there.

JoWo… my favorite player to watch.

Next, I found JoeWo… He’s one of the best players I’ve seen. The kid is unbelievably great, his gameplay is out of this world. I’ve learned a ton from this kid about movement and engaging people.

As I find other great content creators I’ll