About Me

Hi, I’m Brian Johnson and I’m a dad. That’s my #1 jam. Everything else comes behind that.
I’m also an experienced website owner and blogger who’s been blogging since around 2005-6ish. In
my spare time, I’m a Blog & Business Consultant that specializes in Blog Auditing and Business Plans
that focus on conversions.

Seriously, it’s a part-time fun side hustle!!! Here’s a very candid background on me.

Getting Serious About Blogging

My wife, Chrystal, and I got serious about blogging about 11 years ago when we were living in
Uruguay. Well, probably about a year prior to moving to Uruguay. I had ventured into doing SEO
sourcing ‘sales leads’ for a company I was running.

I knew there had to be a way to get sales leads to buy other things online. I knew companies would
be down to pay a sales commission. I heard the word “affiliate” and knew that was like an online sales
person. I knew there had to be a way to make a full-time income from the Internet. So that’s what I
decided to learn how to do.

6 months prior to moving to South America, Chrystal and I left our corporate jobs and sold everything
we owned. And the day after our oldest daughter’s 1st birthday, we moved to a foreign country to get
a better perspective on life and what’s truly important. That’s right, we moved to Uruguay and gave
ourselves 18 months to figure out how to make money online.

We started many sites exploring different ways of affiliate marketing. In 2009 we dropped most of our
other websites and doubled down on our little niche blog Exploring Uruguay and decided to focus in
on creating a couple of other super niche websites.

We had intended on moving around Uruguay every 3-6 months and write about every aspect of the
country, then rinse and repeat with every other country we wanted to visit. And we got pregnant within
the 1st month of living there so we stayed in the capital city of Montevideo for a little over 13 months,
where our youngest daughter was born.

During this time of making a ton of smaller websites… Chrystal started Happy Mothering on the down-low. She was just writing her blog as an “expressive outlet.” I didn’t know she had started a new blog until it had been up for a couple of months. I stumbled upon a blog post called “Did you really teach
our daughter that?” (more on that to come)

Soon after… we moved back to the US… we were starting new blogs, brick & mortar and online
businesses left and right. Some crashed and burned… but some did very well. Regardless, we’ve had
a lot of fun along the way. And I entered into the music industry.

We have many websites that generate an income. Some make more than others and we’re always
launching new sites. Because it’s fun.

Fast Forward… we’re actually making decent money blogging!!!

Happy Mothering has grown into something that I couldn’t have imagined. Together, over the years,
we have turned Happy Mothering into not only a great blog, but an amazing business. As well as we’ve
spun a few other amazing businesses off of it.

In the beginning, Happy Mothering took a couple of years to really start being financially prosperous.
But when it hit, it hit.

Chrystal did very well as a freelance medical writer and also had another full-time income coming in
from an essential oil company. And Happy Mothering did so well that Chrystal was able to drop all of
that and go full time blogging in January 2012 with her sole focus on Happy Mothering.

And soon enough, Happy Mothering along with several other of our income generating websites
replaced my full-time income. I closed my music management & production company and I was able
to go full time blogging in October of 2017.

Get that?

2 ½ years for Chrystal to go full time blogging.

4 years 9 months for me to join her working from home.

That’s 7 years 3 months for our blogs and online businesses to get to the point to where they replaced
both of our full-time incomes and created a true freedom lifestyle.

Not giving up is the key to our success!!!

Lots of people ask us “How do you work so well together?” We’ve never given up on our businesses or
each other!!!

And, we have a business strategy plan we follow it. That along with good communication is what helps
to keep us on the right track.

We set our egos to the side and try to be as objective as possible about what needs to happen for our
businesses to improve and get better.

Splitting our time and responsibilities into doing what each of us enjoys doing inside of our businesses
is what’s really helped us thrive working together.

Over the years I’ve primarily taken care of the back end of everything, the business side of everything
and video creation, while Chrystal has primarily taken care of the rest of the content creation.

At it’s height, Happy Mothering had around 3,500-4,000ish blog posts. I wrote about 50ish of those
posts while Chrystal wrote the rest. Yeah, she’s an amazing writer.

The evolution of Crazy Dad Speaks

The name… Crazy Dad Speaks… First off… if BrianJohnson.com becomes available… I’ll own that domain name in a second and
rebrand LOL.

The name “Crazy Dad Speaks” comes into play because there are over 10,000 Brian Johnsons in the
US alone… So “Crazy Dad Speaks” is a unique name that’s catchy and not something one will forget
easily. And it’s a running inside joke with the family, so it makes it that much better.

I think way too many people get caught up on the name of their website and don’t realize, they can
brand pretty much any name.

Life was beyond awesome!!!

About 6 months after I was able to quit my career and go full time blogging Chrystal got sick. Very
sick. She’s been bed ridden for over a year and a half now.

After months of testing, she was eventually told she had ALS and given 2-3 years to live. Then, many
months later we found out it was a wrong diagnosis, which we are ever so grateful for. She’s not going
to die.

Long and short, her Neuromuscular Specialist believes Chrystal was poisoned by some antibiotics
when she had to have emergency surgery a couple years back.

She’s slowly getting better. She’ll never physically be 100% and if we can get her back to 50% we’ll
consider that a huge win. We’re just super grateful for every moment.

When Chrystal first started to get sick, I had to take over everything.

So, I did a deep dive into all of her blogging responsibilities and took on as many of them as I could. I
immediately saw tons of stuff that could be improved upon and that’s what we started to do.

2 years ago, Happy Mothering had over 3,500 blog posts… much of which was thin and useless
content. Now, we have less than 800 posts which are all being completely revamped and made into
great pieces of valuable content.

It’s so much better to have fewer pieces of quality content that many posts of thin content.

Around February of 2019… Chrystal invited me into all of her blog groups. One day when I was scrolling through Facebook I saw a
blogger ask for some help evaluating her website.

So I quickly went over her blog and social media then came back to the group with a ton of advice.

The blogger was super thankful… then it happened. A ton of other bloggers started tagging me, asking
me to audit their sites. Then I started getting messages to do site audits.

Never in my life did I think I’d have as much fun as I do performing blog & business audits. I enjoy
teaching people how we make money and helping them replicate what we do.

I can’t wrap what I do in an audit up into a course, because every audit is so personalized. It’s an
awesome feeling to help form a vision with someone then to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
I did some other stuff before I was a full-time blogger!

Before I was a full-time Blogger

I was in the music industry on the management and production side
for many years. I put on festivals, shows and nationwide tours.

Before the music industry and before living in Uruguay, I was in corporate executive management for
a medium sized company wearing a shirt and tie every day. And I owned a few businesses (like a retail
store, mortgage company and an insurance company).

I’ve always given business advice…

I’ve given a significant amount of business advice to my friends over the years. And since I started
full-time blogging, I’ve given an extreme amount of blogging and business advice to so many amazing

Then it dawned on me… I really love helping people grow their blogs into legit businesses. I see so
many people struggle, then I fill them in on a few things and help them along the way, then boom…
they tend to do a lot better.

Business has always come very natural to me. I can see where people are falling apart with their
business plans. I naturally see discrepancies and I can easily see where things need to be improved at.
And one of my strongest skills is creating actionable business strategy plans.

So now… I have Crazy Dad Speaks where I perform blog & business audits because I love it… it’s my
side hustle, it’s not meant to replace the income of Happy Mothering and our other websites. Because
it’s not scalable, I can’t teach people to do what I do. So, that’s why I only do a very limited amount of
consultations… and for now, I don’t have my website indexed because word of mouth gets me enough
business. Maybe I’ll index my website when I write a book?

Did you notice 1 very common theme through all of this?

The theme is… I LOVE WHAT I DO.

Blogging and having online businesses isn’t for everyone. If you’re not passionate about having
your own business and being a business owner… being a blogger, being a website owner, being a
marketer… just might not be for you.

You truly can have anything in life you want… not everything… but anything.
To be truly successful, you have to answer 2 questions:

  1. “What’s the purpose and secret of life?”
    This is something that so many people struggle with. I’m going to make it very easy for you and tell
    you the secret and purpose of life.
    The purpose of life is to find joy and happiness.
    While the secret is to accept that joy and happiness.
    That’s it.
  2. “What is the purpose of my life?”
    Now is where it gets hard. Yes, the purpose of life is to find joy and happiness while the secret to life is
    to accept that joy and happiness.
    And that’s completely different for each person.
    My purpose in life is to give my children as many amazingly wonderful memories with me in them as

Once you answer the second question… your purpose in life will be defined and you’ll be able to move
forward in that direction.

And don’t forget the secret to life… accept that joy and happiness because you deserve it.

Interested in learning some personal stuff about me?

If you want to know some more about me on a personal level, you should go check out our blog Our
Family Crushes.

You’ll find that I have 2 amazing daughters and an amazing wife. I am so lucky that I have the family I

We have taken all of the deeply personal content we created over the past decade from Happy
Mothering and put it on there as well as we update it with new stuff about our personal life… You can
actually read “Did you really just teach our daughter that?” and many other blog posts there.

I homeschool my girls. Zoë is 12 and Kaylee is 10. We homeschool so they can work at their own
pace. The girls hate it when I say that because they think the saying “homeschooling at their own pace”
makes them sound dumb.

Let me preface “working at their own pace” with, Zoë just skipped the 7th grade to go directly into the
8th grade and Kaylee skipped 5th grade to go directly into the 6th grade.

We focus a lot on Math, Science, Language Arts and History… we also do lots of art, music, crafts,
cooking and of course, we love going on hikes and digging for crystals (we do live in the middle of the
San Bernardino National Forest).

In the winter, snowboarding is our jam. The girls and I get a solid 100+ days in each season. We live in
Big Bear Lake CA where we have Bear Mountain and Snow Summit resorts.

I’m also an AASI Certified Snowboard Instructor and a USASA Certified Snowboard Coach.
Coaching snowboarding is amazingly difficult… that said if I can coach little kids to hit 30’+ jumps and
to drop into the 22’ superpipe… succeeding in online businesses is a piece of cake.

At the end of the day… I’ve chosen to enjoy and focus on all of the happy moments in my life and
amplify them.

Tons of positive vibes to you… Thank you for taking the time to read about me.