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"I help bloggers grow their blogs into viable businesses and I help businesses utilize their blogs." - Brian Johnson

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The Best Blog Audit

I provide the best and most in depth blog audit & business consultation available. I combine Blog Coaching, Business Consulting and SEO all into 1 consultation.

There's no service out there that touches the type, level or quality of blog audit & consultation I provide.

During your audit, I don’t just look at one part of your blog or business. I look at everything to identify ways you can improve your web presence, time management & ultimately your income.

When we're done with your business consultation you will leave with a clear vision and clear understanding of what you need to do to move forward to accomplish your goals.

Together, we create a written plan to accomplish your goals that fits into your busy life. And I send that to you after your call.

I offer all of my clients a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee... if you're not 100% Satisfied at the end of your blog audit, I'll refund you... and I put that in writing.

Hiring a Blog Auditor

There are many people who do blog audits, from Blog Coaches to Business Consultants to SEO Consultants. Knowing which area of your blog to focus on then choosing a blog auditor is a huge decision that will dramatically impact your business.

While there are many areas of your business that may need help, there are few blog auditors who have actually had success in creating and running a varitey of successful blogs of their own.

My goal is to have you stop looking at your blog like it’s a hobby and start looking at your blog like it’s a business.

I understand what you're going through with your blog. The frustrations of feeling like you’re always working and barely accomplishing anything. I've been there.

I know the struggle of having a blog and a family while juggling that glorious "work/ life" balance that everyone keeps talking about.

I know all of this because, unlike most Blog Auditors, I've actually been blogging for 13+ years.

What's in a Blog & Business Audit?

Every blog audit I do starts with a 4-Hour Mini-Blog Audit. We cover several different areas of your Blog and your Business where I feel people with blogs need the most help. Don't worry, the 4 hours will go by very fast... and yes, we can totally take breaks.

When you first engage me to work together, I'll send you over a detailed questionairre. After we scedule your blog audit, you'll fill out the questionairre and get it back to me. During your business consultation we'll discuss your answers, then dive right your audit.

SEO Audit Report

I run an SEO report and we go over it. The report identifies common issues that you can typically fix on your own.

Some of the things the SEO Audit Report covers:

Indexing & Crawlability
4XX & 5XX Status Codes
Mobile Friendliness
Broken Links
Status of Images
Meta Descriptions
Alt Text

Content Audit

We review your content inventory and how you utililze it. We then discuss your best options for increasing traffic.

While conducting your content audit we'll cover:

Pages on Your Site
Cornertstone Content
Supporting Pieces of Content
Duplicate Content
Keywords & Keyphrases
Anchor Text
Categories & Tags
Social Media Strategy

Making Money Audit

We see where you're making money and where you could be making more... then double down on those areas.

We're going to go over your income pillars:

Affiliate Marketing
Ad Networks
Blog Networks
Sponsored Posts
Sponsored Social Media
Product Creation

Business Strategy Plan

The biggest mistake online businesses make is not having a clear & defined plan. This costs time, energy & money.

You will have a detailed strategic plan for your blog:

Happiness First
Clear Vision
Goal Oriented
Customized Plan
Actionable Steps
Time Management Focused
Cornerstone Content Ideas
Supporting Content Ideas

Mini-Blog & Business Audit

  • 4-Hour Video Conference Call

  • Including

  • SEO Audit Report

  • Content Audit

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Money Making Strategy

  • Business Strategy Plan

  • 1 Month Mastermind Group Access
  • Learn About the Mini-Blog Audit

    * Websites with more that 500K Monthly Sessions are subject to a price increase.

    I give a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If at the end of your Blog Audit… you’re not 100% Satisfied, I’ll refund you.

    What they’re saying about me!!!

    • "Working with Brian on my tenured website as well as my brand new website has hands down been the best investment of time and energy I have ever made to date. As someone who owns several successful websites, Brian gets the day to day struggles we go through. He has a unique understanding of social media, content creation, working with brands, SEO, marketing, and more. He also has access to some mind-blowing software for performing crazy in-depth analysis on websites. He uses this date plus his knowledge to provide actionable plans of attack both in terms of cleaning up major technical issues to taking a website to the next level from a business standpoint. He is very forward-thinking, encouraging, and creative. I *thought* I knew what I was doing but Brian's enthusiastic direction has not only reinvigorated my passion for both of my websites but also truly made me excited about doing all the tedious cleanup! Everyone needs a coach like Brian!"  

      Hybrid Rasta Mama

      Mold Help For You

      Jennifer Nitriro
    • Kiran Dodeja Smith bust image smiling, sandy brown hair, blue top, in light kitchen behind cutting board with carrots and green vegetables on white marble counter and window over the sink in the background

      "Brian carries a wealth of information. I *thought* that I had the basics of blogging covered, but Brian helped me uncover some major overlooked changes that I needed for my site in a very helpful, unassuming way. His audit illustrated areas that needed work, and his experience helped him to give me suggestions to improve my site. I’m grateful for the experience and look forward to continuing to improve my site with Brian’s help."

      Easy Real Food

      Kiran Dodeja Smith
    • Jeanette Nyberg headshot, short pixie style hair cut, blogn hair, nice smile, red shirt wth white pattern and white background

      "Brian’s infectious energy and passion for helping people shines through every time he speaks. He also managed to get right to the heart of what I want to be doing as a blogger, artist, and business-owner after just a few minutes of our first coaching session. I so appreciate and resonate with his no-bullshit, straightforward approach, and I’m thrilled to be working with him as my coach."

      Craft Whack

      Life Whack

      Jeanette Nyberg
    • Anna Merhalski with a white goat, she has shoulder length brown hair, nice smile, red and white shirt on the right side of the photo and a white goat's head on the other side

      "Working with Brian has been one of the best steps I've taken to grow my business! His in-depth coaching is geared around a thorough analysis of my site, my social media presence, my goals, and my strengths - and following the strategies he suggested for my business helped immediately start growing both my page views and my income. I can't wait to see what comes in the months ahead as I continue with his invaluable coaching!"

      Salt in my Coffee

      Anna Merhalski
    • Shelby Stover, headshot/ bust image, long blond hair, glasses, nice smile

      "Working with Brian has been insanely rewarding! His very direct nature makes it so you don't waste time during scheduled appointments and he always provides a step by step action plan from your calls. My favorite part though is that he is always around to answer questions (no matter how random or silly they seem) and will never make you feel out of place for asking them. Brian has helped me see my blog better as a business and not as just something I love."

      Fit as a Mama Bear

      Shelby Stover C.S.C.S., P.N.
    • Jessica Penner headshot, shoulder length blond hair, nice smile, black shaw, white shirt, wooded area in background

      "I walked away from my site audit session with Brian with a list of 15+ actionable items to improve my website and business operations. I’m so excited to implement them and start seeing results! Brian is an experienced online entrepreneur who truly cares about helping others succeed. Working with him will lead you to where you want to go."

      Smart Nutrition

      Jessica Penner R.D.
    • Brian Fleck in black and white photo playing a guitar, long sleeve grey shirt, black background

      "Brian Johnson has always given me honesty and great advice. His positive attitude and openness to ideas makes working with Brian fun and productive. I worked with Brian in multiple bands; he was prepared with answers to all the details of our events."

      Mr Fleck Music

      Brian Fleck