Call of Duty Gamer

Hi, I’m Brian “CrazyDadSpeaks” Johnson… and I’m a Call of Duty Gamer.

I’ve been playing Call of Duty since 2003, blogging since 2005 and making money online since 2008. This site is where my love of playing COD and making money online meets in my world.


Call of Duty Hardcore Team Deathmatch is my main jam…
I mute my teammates, run & gun, and have a personal goal to be the best player in every lobby.

How am I ranked in the top % of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 players?
A little bit of skill and a whole lot of luck grinding over 51,000 kills and over 1,500 wins.

Am I a “Pro Level” CoD player?
Nah, not even close. Because I play casually for fun (a couple of hours a day a few days per week, tops) on a PS4 Slim on a 55″ TV in my front room. Pros play on crazy awesome PCs and play more hours in 1 day than I play in 1 week.

How Good am I?
I crush at Hardcore. My gameplay is insane to watch because I run with my sensitivity at 20/20 with my ADS at 2.0.

Seriously though… I hope you can learn from me and how I move through the maps so you can make kills like me.

As far as Warzone goes…
I pretty much only play Solos and that’s rare as cheaters have overtaken the game, my girls play it a lot more than me. That said… I like getting down on ReBirth here and there… and it’s still not my jam.

For all of you who came to see me crush some COD:

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How do you know how to make money online?

My wife and I took an entire year to figure out how to earn an income from the Internet that would replace our day job income. My wife went full-time blogging Jan. 2012 and I joined her in Oct. 2017.

Why are you sharing this?

I’m sharing this for a few reasons. I really love chatting about how to make money from an online business. I truly believe I can help people who want to generate and income from the content they create by sharing what’s working for me. And by helping people, I can create a greater income for my family through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, ads and so on.

For all of you who came to see how I create an income from gaming content:

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