Call of Duty Gamer

Hi, I’m Brian “CrazyDadSpeaks” Johnson… and I’m a Call of Duty Gamer.

I’ve been playing Call of Duty since 2003, blogging since 2005 and making money online since 2008. This site is where my love of playing COD and making money online meets in my world.

Call of Duty Hardcore Team Deathmatch is my jam…
I mute my teammates, run & gun, and have a personal goal to be the best player in every lobby.

How am I ranked in the top % of CoD players?
A little bit of skill and a whole lot of luck.

As far as Warzone goes…
I pretty much only play Solos and that’s rare as cheaters have overtaken the game, my girls play it a lot more than me.

Am I the best Call of Duty Gamer?
No, absolutely not… not even close… I suck compared to the best players!!!

Am I a “Pro Level” CoD player?
Nah, because I play casually (a couple of hours a day, tops) on a PS4 Slim on a 55″ TV in my front room and I have no desire to play on a PC.

Am I better than you at HCTDM?
Probably 😉

Seriously though… I hope you can learn from me and how I move through the maps so you can make kills like me.

For all of you who came to see me crush some COD:

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CrazyDadSpeaks Call of Duty Gamer stats updated July 15 2021 Level 202 Prestige 19 Modern Warfare Top .7% Warzone Top .3%