Call of Duty Gamer

Hi, I’m Brian “CrazyDadSpeaks” Johnson… and I’m a Call of Duty Gamer.

I’ve been playing Call of Duty since 2003. This site was originally going to be dedicated to me showcasing my gaming content… which was rad!!!

Unfortunately, I hit my left index finger with a hammer and it cut my finger to the bone in June 2022. My gaming has suffered significantly and I don’t know if I’ll ever recover to 100%.

This is on top of me breaking my right arm and getting nerve damage in my right thumb back in the spring of 2021… my K/D is down to about .85… yikes!!!

I’m very hard-pressed to drop 20-30 kills per match because my reflexes just aren’t there on my controller.

I’m beyond bummed about this whole situation… and, as always… I’m staying positive and it’s no worries.

I have some amazing things planned for this site which also includes content showcasing my gameplay of Call of Duty (yeah, it may not be the best gameplay and it won’t be the central theme of my content… so stay tuned!!!