Do you own a restaurant?

Do you have a website for your restaurant?

Is your website accessible for people with disabilities?

Of course you think about a wheelchair ramp and making sure your entire restaurant is accesible in that manner. But have you made sure blind people can navigate your website just like a person without vision impairment? Have you made sure colorblind people can read see everything on your website? Have you made sure people who have a hard time using their limbs are able to navigate your website?

I’m here to help try to make your website accessible. Just like I did with Big Bear Bar & Grill’s website.

I have a solution that can get most restaurants’ websites about 90-95% accessible. (No website can be 100% accessible at this point in time as the governement has still not put out official guidlines.)

If this is something you’re interested in, please contact me for a free consultation.