If you’re curious as to which streamers I follow, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite streamers.

Where video games and making money meet in my world is on a blog. I truly believe establishing a website and blog for your gaming venture is one of the best moves you can make.

Educating yourself is key. Below you’ll find a solid list of resources and recommendations along with my thoughts behind each thing. Some are free, some are paid. Regardless of their price, if you don’t take them and implement what they’re teaching you they’ll do no good.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as I keep it updated with new information.

And of course… if there’s an affiliate link available for a service, I’m totally using it.


There are so many courses out there that it’s hard to find the good ones while wading through the crap.

I have taken tons of courses, more than I can count. I’m always taking new courses, I have a backlog of courses I’ve purchased.

Paid Site Speed Course

Site Speed Course – If you don’t understand what CSS is and how to make your site faster… this is an absolute must course.

The creator of the Site Speed Course is my friend Grayson. He is one of the top site speed specialists in the US and is highly sought after.

I’ve hired him a few times to do site speed improvements on Happy Mothering.

And as of right now… you can’t hire him. He’s booked solid for the foreseeable future.

That said… Grayson has 2 stellar courses that teach you how to understand CSS and how to speed your site up.

Step by step, easy to follow and easy to understand. I’m not just promoting the course because I get a commission… I’m promoting it because I own it and it’s stellar.

I can’t explain how helpful all of this knowledge is and how much it will help you to know it in the future. Buy the Site Speed Course

Free SEO Courses

Google SEO Starter Guide – 100% free SEO resource by Google. Don’t purchase any SEO courses until you’ve read through this.

Google Digital Garage SEO Course – Again, a 100% free SEO resource by Google. Why would you purchase a paid SEO course before going through this free one?

SEM Rush SEO Academy – SEM Rush is an SEO tool and service that helps you optimize your site. They have a series of free courses through their SEO Academy.

Yes, they’re going to push you to buy their tools… and you will learn a tremendous amount just going through their course, regardless if you buy the tools or not.

Keyword Research Course – This is another Free SEM Rush course. You can apply everything about keyword research you use here to any tool on the market.

Content Marketing Toolkit Course – Another Free SEM Rush course that teaches all about content marketing. This is invaluable knowledge.

Again, SEM Rush is going to try to sell you their tools… and you don’t need to purchase them to use the information you learn from the courses.

Free Social Media Courses

Facebook Blueprint – It just makes sense to take this free course where Facebook teaches you how to use Facebook in its entirety. From Instagram to WhatsApp to Facebook Ads and everything in between.

Pinterest Creative Best Practices – This is a short, yet highly informative read created by Pinterest to teach you exactly how to get your Pins on Pinterest to Perform. These techniques should be used on all of your social media outlets.

Twitch Quick Start Guide to Streaming – If you’re going to stream, you will absolutely want to read this. It’s full of all sorts of tips and tricks that teach you how to properly stream on Twitch.

Free Tools

SEO Quake – This is a great Chrome plugin that gives you information regarding other websites’ SEO. It’s also on Firefox, Opera and Explorer.

W3Schools – For HTML I have been using W3Schools free resources for over a decade.

WebAIM Accessibility Checker – You can check each page of your site to make sure it’s accessible. The tool will list out what the errors are and give you a great guide to follow to try to fix any accessibility issues.

WebAIM Accessibility Color Checker – It’s important to make sure your website colors have contrast so people who have issues seeing colors can see them all. I understand this more than most as I have a form of colorblindness.

Paid Tools

RankIQ Artificial Intelligence – I can’t explain to you how much this artificial intelligence has helped us on our other sites like Happy Mothering. This is the coolest tool we’ve ever used. That said, it’s even better when paired with a keyword search tool like Keyword Chef.

Check out RankIQ AI

Keyword Chef – My friend Ben developed this tool because of his frustration of using tons of other keyword tools that didn’t suit his needs. This is an amazing tool and yes, you can try it out for free.

“Keyword Chef automatically finds and filters keywords for you. Real-time SERP analysis lets you find keywords nearly guaranteed to rank.” It’s seriously one of the easiest, if not the easiest keyword tool on the market.”

Get a Free Trial of Keyword Chef.

SEM Rush – This is a great service that allows you to keep track of the technical SEO aspects of your site and helps you to write content. My link gives you a Free Trial.

I highly recommend you sign up and then hit up customer service and ask for a walkthrough to help teach you how to use the product specifically for your site.

Get a Free Trial of SEM Rush.

Hosting & Domain

Some “pro bloggers” recommend cheap hosting companies… and when I say “cheap” I mean cheap in every aspect of the word.

Many companies like Bluehost and Siteground pay an extremely great commission to those who sell their services.

I can’t in good conscience recommend any EIG company (the company that owns Bluehost) or Siteground as their services are subpar to my standards.

You can do a quick Google search to see the type of issues many people have reported. And yes, I’ve personally used both companies in the past.

Big Scoots is who I recommend for hosting. They’re a great hosting company with stellar support.

We have 10+ sites currently hosted with Big Scoots and have been with them for several years.

And for those of you who are inquisitive, no, their commission program isn’t as stellar as the companies I won’t promote who pay $60-150 per signup.

With BigScoots, I get a commission of your 1st month’s payment… so if you sign up on the $5 per month plan, I get $5.

If you’re on the fence over who to choose for hosting, hop over to their site and chat with their support to see if they’ll be a fit for your needs.

Purchase hosting through Big Scoots.